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I remember the exact moment I wanted to become a wedding vendor. I was traveling with my husband Joe, who is an incredible videographer (check him out here!) and I remember my heart hitting the floor and shattering. I watched a sweet bride on her wedding day stress out because she couldn’t control everything going on (which why should she? it's her wedding day!)

That is when my passion started to bloom. I have always had a heart for event planning and realized that I could combine my passions for loving people and event planning with excellence. In the days to follow, I started picking up stems of flowers and envisioning splendorous bouquets. I quickly decided that I wanted to be someone others could go to in the midst of a busy, chaotic event to help bring beauty and a sense of unshakable peace.

You see, event days should be full of joy, hugs, happy tears, and sheer enjoyment. Not stress! I would love to help you craft the perfect, stress-free, and joy-filled day! Whether you need someone to help you dream up your vision and theme, provide you will enchanting floral arrangements or just help everyone walk down the aisle at the right time, I am prepared to come alongside you and help make your dreams a reality!









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