It's Not Too Late!

Beautiful bride,

I believe in stress-free wedding days that allow you to soak in every joy-filled moment as possible. So, I need to be honest with you for a second. I remember the feeling of my wedding day approaching. It felt like the closer it was, the longer my to-do was. Tasks for the day-of kept piling up and my stress level kept going up with it.

Lots of brides want to enjoy the sweet goodness of planning their own wedding. I know that I did for sure! However, what they don't realize, until the last second, is that extra help on the day-of would be tremendously helpful in checking off those last minute to-dos. {Believe me! The mother of the bride does not want to be the person checking off those to-dos on the day her daughter is getting married!}

But don't worry! Whether your wedding is later this season, or later this week, it's not too late to bring a day-of coordinator on board. Even if a coordinator comes in on the day-of to just be helpful with those last minute tasks, you will never regret the extra help!

With that said, DON'T WAIT to contact a coordinator if you are thinking of using one! The earlier the two of you get on the same page, the faster your stresses will melt away. Regardless of if your wedding to-do list is getting checked off or it's driving you crazy, it's not too late to save yourself from unnecessary stress and get in touch with a coordinator.


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