The Truth about Day of Coordinators

WARNING: Sassy post to follow!!

Many people ask me if I offer services for day of coordination. Technically the answer is no because there really is no such thing as day-of coordinating. Think about it; You wouldn’t really want some random person showing up on your wedding day ready to run the show, would you? Typically "day-of coordinating" is really more like month-of coordinating. I like to spend time with my clients before the big day getting to hear their story and taking in their vision so that when their wedding day is here I am fully prepared to bring their vision to life. It gives me time to know what is really expected of me and also allows me to bring the best services on the day of.

Truth time: “day-of coordination” is actually my very favorite thing to do. I love being able to step into someone’s wedding day and bring their dreams to reality. So many brides and grooms know what they want and want to have a hand in planning their own wedding (I know I did!) And I LOVE that. But here’s also another truth time: you NEED a “day-of coordinator.”

No buts.

I know your venue might be providing you one. And I know that you think your mom can handle it. I know that your photographer can keep his or her own timeline. BUT what if one or any of those things don’t happen? What if something even crazier flies off the handle? You’ll be pulling your (or your maid of honor's) hair out trying to make everything happen. Spare your updo. Let your venue coordinator handle the venue and let the wedding planner take care of you. Let mom be a mother of the bride and your photographers take incredible photos while your wedding planner keeps everything moving along and lighting candles at the right time.

Let your vendors be vendors. Let your family be family. Let your bridal party be a bridal party. Let yourself be a bride or groom. And let your wedding planner take care of the day.


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