Let's Talk about Day-of Coordination

Today, I’m thankful for the fact that this year I got to be a bride! There are really no words to describe how thankful I was to everyone who helped with my wedding and how incredibly thankful I am for my husband every single day! Today, I am also thankful for the opportunity to have been featured on sweet friend’s website Caitlin&Luke (they are incredibly talented photographers!) Be sure to read what I wrote for them below:

With so many DIY wedding planning guides on Pinterest people often wonder why it’s even worth it to hire a wedding planner. And BELIEVE me brothers and sisters, I hear you! When I was planning my own wedding I too wanted to plan it from A to Z. I knew the exact look and feel that I wanted my big day to have and I really didn’t want to spend more money than I needed to. However, what the Pinterest self-help tools fail to highlight is just what a wedding planner actually does and how helpful they can me. (Maybe because they don’t want to give away our secrets?!) I am here to take away the guessing and answer a simple question: What does a wedding planner really do? A wedding planner does anything you need them to do. I know, I know! It seems too simple. But it’s the honest truth. When push comes to shove, wedding planners are there to be whatever you need to be. Good wedding planners are trained in understanding the different types of brides out there and in return are able to give them the type of guidance they need. Sure many planners, myself included, have package options ranging from full coordination to day-of coordination, but the truth is we want to make your life as smooth as possible on your wedding day. My heart has never broken more than when I see brides and grooms and their loved ones stressed out on a wedding day. But stressed doesn’t have to be the heartbeat of your day! Even me, a wedding planner, hired another planner to help make sure everything ran smooth. When you hire a wedding planner you aren’t paying for another vendor, you are paying for peace of mind for yourself, your bridal party, and your friends and family. Wedding planners aren’t there to make things more complicated, they are there to bring a sense of coordination to the many moving elements of a wedding. Pinterest and self-help guides are great, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to bring you coffee or light candles on your wedding day.


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