I Gotta Feeling: What No One in the Wedding Planning Industry is Telling You

Let's talk about something a little different than flowers and napkin folds for a second... feelings. Yep! FEELINGS! Not in a counseling type of way, but in a very strategic type of way. Here's something that no one in the wedding planning industry is telling you: How you and your guests feel is FAR MORE important than what your guests hear, touch, taste, and see during your wedding.

Believe me, I know this can sound a little strange when SO much effort is put into how an event looks, sounds, and tastes. But it's true! Years latter, when your guests reflect on your event, they will not remember your flowers, or the food they had in precise details. But they will be able to tell you exactly how they felt while they were there. Try it for yourself! Think back to a wedding you were at over a year ago. Do you remember their appetizers? Flowers? Do you even remember what colors the wedding was!? You might be able to recall a few things, but overall the details become blurry with time. BUT do you remember how you felt throughout the event? Were you uncomfortable at all? Overwhelmed with joy? Those are the type of emotions that stick.

Want to know another scary thing? How you, the bride, groom, or host, is feeling will reflect onto your guests. If you are stressed or displeased, your guests WILL pick up on it and have a strange feeling. We've all been to an event where things are clearly not going as smoothly as planned and all the sudden began to feel flustered FOR them.


In the midst of your busy planning about the "look" of your wedding (which is still important!) remember to pause and think about what people will be feeling during your event. What does your entrance make people feel like? Do you seem prepared for people and like you thought about them and their emotion? Is there real content that reflects your heart, joy, and love, in your program? And will people walk away with a real emotional tie to you and your special day? These type of questions are the game changers in a wedding. And believe it or not, you'll notice!

So, find help. Don't let details run over you like a wrecking ball stressing you out beyond belief. Your guests will pick up on it. Let your coordinator handle the details with poise and grace. I promise that you too are going to remember how you felt on your big. Don't let the napkin folds trump your opportunity to host a beautiful feeling day.


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