The Blog Post I've Been Dreading to Write...

Ah! Here it is! The story I've been WAY too embarrassed to tell. Tonight, I'm layin' it all out on the line. Here we go...

Almost exactly one year ago, I was involved in a styled shoot with AMAZING local creatives. BUT I've never shared my whole story about exactly what that experience was like. This styled shoot was my real first shot at being a florist. I was terrified! I spent hours trying to come up with color palettes, find the right places to even buy flowers, and dreaming up what it would look like when all the stems made their way to me. I spent all week preparing. Filling buckets, buying ribbon, learning the differences in flower foods (it was ridiculous). Finally it was time to pick up the flowers and it was my time to try this whole florist thing out!

The night before the shoot, all my flowers (except for a few roses, greenery, and ranunculus) died and shead their petals all over my kitchen table. I was a wreck! I had no idea how I was going to pull everything together. The vision in my head of how the designs were supposed to look completely withered with the precious blooms that were supposed to be my piece of art for the world.

The morning of the styled shoot, I was greeted by wilted flowers and gushing tears and I immediately made a trip to our local grocery store to see what I could pull together. I finished up the centerpiece and created my first hand-tied bouquet before loading everything up and heading on site.

I didn't tell a soul.

I was so embarrassed. So upset with myself that I had blown my first big shot at trying to become a florist and so confident that it was fun while it lasted but my dream was officially over.

That day was amazing! The other vendors were so artistic, creative, and a joy to work with. The Photos turned out amazing (in fact you can still check them all out on Kara Evans Blog!) And the night ended in the sweetest surprise engagement, dinner with the best of friends, and smiles all around.

Want to know what happened next?

People started booking me for their weddings! Ha! What?! By the sweet GRACE OF GOD beautiful brides wanted to work with me to design and craft their floral vision. I am forever grateful.

Moral of the story? It's two-fold.

1. Please, for the sweet love of all that is good and holy, DO NOT try and DIY your wedding flowers. I've since learned the importance of air temperature, water temperature, flower care, etc. But it's hard to know and practice all these things while you're also trying to hold a rehearsal dinner. Don't end up like me with wilted flowers all over your kitchen the morning of your event! SAVE YOURSELF! Book with a florist.

2. Keep at it. My floral designs have come a long way in a year. I've invested in education, have youtubed my brains out, and have practiced until my fingers were peeling. I've come to the conclusion that I always want to be a learner. And I always want to keep pushing to the next level. This can be you too. It doesn't have to be with flowers either. If there's a dream in your heart or vision in your soul, just keep chasing it.

Almost a whole year later many of us gathered again for a second styled shoot. This time my flowers didn't die! And I was able to see the fruit of a whole years worth of learning and growing come to fruition. In fact, I've loaded in some side by sides of our styled shoot last year and our styled shoot this year. I'm so proud of where I've come. I'm so proud of my designs. And yes, I'm maybe even just a little thankful for a humbling moment of wilted flowers which lead me to where I am today.

To see even more BEAUTIFUL photos from our 2019 styled shoot head over to Kara's blog post.

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