Real Life Reviews...

"Michaela was an absolute joy to work with! After going through the schedule of my big day just once, she new exactly what to do! Not one time during my wedding day did I worry about the details, because they were executed perfectly! Not only is Michaela an excellent planner, but she also knows how to gain trust, keep the day exciting, and eliminate all worry...she's incredible!!"


"Michaela Mantarian was not only a dear friend of mine but an excellent and trusted day of coordinator. Her passion and love for event planning comes to life when you relay your dream vision to her. She does everything you expect and more-- I would recommend Michaela to any bride to know."


“Michaela will be a blessing to anybody who enlists her help in planning their wedding! She is creative, has a perfect eye for flowers, is extremely helpful, and knows exactly what she is doing. She is prompt, extremely organized, and will do all that she can to make sure you have a painless, stress-free and meaningful wedding day! I would whole-heartedly recommend Michaela."


Michaela was incredible to work with for my wedding day!!! She caught on right away when I was explaining my vision to her and had even better ideas to offer. She was super flexible and went above and beyond during the planning. She was extremely professional, dependable, and FUN!!! She blew my bridal bouquet dreams out of the water and even framed a little piece of it as a wedding gift.  Michaela is the real deal, flower queen! 


"It is a privilege to work with Michaela. She is professional. Her work consistently exceeds all of my expectations. I'm in awe of the environments she creates. She listens carefully. She takes time to understand the big picture. She is creative. She has made our Baby Dedication events incredibly beautiful and meaningful for the families of our church. And, she passionately executes her work in a way that demonstrates authentic care for the people impacted by this event."


"Michaela made my bridal shower a dream. What I love the most about her work is that she stands behind your vision and makes it a reality. She is not only trustworthy with your desires, but she goes the extra mile to make sure it gets done to perfection. If you want your day to be stress-free then she is your gal!"


“My day was absolutely perfect and stress-free & Michaela was a huge part of making it such an enjoyable day for me and my family! This is the girl to have around on your big day if you want to feel genuinely cared for and have a job well done!!”



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